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image of Calendar House near Carlisle

"Window Cleaning Plus Ltd provide a good service for a reasonable price. Stuart is very respectful of client requirements and polite and friendly if approached. He cleans the windows of several properties we manage and we have had nothing but positive feedback. We would certainly recommend Window Cleaning Plus Ltd to anyone looking for a reliable window cleaning company."

Jack Thornton
Edwin Thompson LLP, Keswick Office

Cochran Ltd, Annan image

"Window Cleaning Plus has given excellent service for several years. They are highly professional, always reliable and very helpful with other ‘high up’ chores such as leaves in the gutters or moss on the roof.

It’s important to us that they are fully insured and compliant with health & safety regulations. There’s no danger of legal complications in the event of anything unfortunate.

Best of all, our windows are a credit to the business!"

Val Marriner
Warwick Eden Ltd

Dodd & Co Ltd office image

"The service provided by Window Cleaning Plus Ltd is always professional and friendly, covering all the things we need from window cleaning to high level cleaning inside the building. Stuart has been helpful in providing advice and solutions for some of the varied building cleaning and maintenance problems that come along. The appearance of our building is important to us and we very much appreciate the service provided by Window Cleaning Plus Ltd."

Dodd & Co Ltd

Cochran Ltd, Annan image

"First impressions are lasting impressions, so it’s hugely important that customers see a well maintained and clean building. However, cleaning is not my primary role and I can’t afford to spend much time organising it. With Window Cleaning Plus I explained the standard that I required and they advised me how often they would need to come to meet that standard. They clean our windows and do the high level cleaning that regular cleaners don’t e.g. the tops of doors and trunking. Having agreed the schedule my work was done. I get an e-mail telling me when the next visit will be and reminding me what they’ll be doing and they just get on and do it. It’s taken all the hassle away from me."

Jill Lockwood
Business Development Manager, Cochran Ltd